Eurostat's new website Eurostat's new website

15 December 2014

New Eurostat website! 

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The website has been subject to a complete design overhaul to make it more attractive and easier to use, although the overall structure of the website will remain the same. Furthermore, the technological infrastructure supporting the website has been replaced.

The data extraction and visualization tools will not change and keep the same functionality.

What will change for you:

  1. URL changes - please update your bookmarks accordingly

    - The root URL will change from


    - The bulk download URL will change from


    In this Excel file you can find a mapping of the links of the sections between the old and the new website.

  2. If you were registered on the current website you will not be automatically registered(*) on the new website which will be using the European Commission Authentication System (ECAS).
  3. A new search function can be found in the banner of every page of the new website.
  4. Short information videos on "How to register on the new website" and "A guide through the new website" are available for you to consult.

If you have any questions, please address them to our user support via the "Help" page.

We hope that the new website will improve your experience when looking for European statistics.

(*) Except for users who confirmed to the Eurostat User support network to migrate their accounts. Only these accounts will be registered automatically.

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